But Li Tianzhen on the opposite side is still sitting as usual,Although his expression is slightly more solemn than before,But otherwise,No other changes。

“Mr. Cano?”Zhang Zhiqiang tentatively called the other party,But Jianuo turned a deaf ear。
now,The part of God hidden in Li Tianzhen’s mind,Jianuo’s exploration has reached a critical time,The gray ghost suddenly stopped,He never found a way to capture these energy,Just staring at the center of the smoke,Don’t know what’s thinking,Just when Li Tianzhen was trying to figure out the other’s mentality,The ghost suddenly screamed,A head plunged into the mist。
Bang,Li Tianzhen felt a violent shock,Bad shout,And the ghost finally saw what it wanted,This is a huge, pale blue space,Is a world covered in snow and ice,But the ghost knows,All this in front of me is not ice and snow,It’s an extremely pure energy crystallization,Too much to imagine,Not only that,There are more attractive energy forms in the upper part of the space,Transformed by different roads,Colorful,That is a more advanced form。
The ghost is immersed in great joy,He didn’t know where Zhang Zhiqiang, a fool, found such a humanoid treasure,It’s a gift from heaven,But since it was discovered,Everything here should belong to it,The ghost is flying happily and spinning in the space,But after ecstasy, it still has no way to swallow the ice and snow,Its repair base is too low,Not even dare to touch these energy crystals,If one is accidentally bombed, there is no scum left。
Maybe take this humanoid treasure away,Hiding is a good way,Zhang Zhiqiang dare not object,Wait until the cultivation base is improved in the future, then slowly study how to swallow、Use these energy,The gray ghost finally decided to take second place,and many more,what is that?
The ghost looks up to a higher place in space,The colored streamer, like a illusion, appears from time to time in the thick smoke,There was a very mysterious voice faintly from it,The ghost suddenly creeps,This is the real Shen Yun Tianyin,Powerful voice of natural enemies,I don’t know how many horrible existences are hidden in that place。
The forgetful Cano suddenly found himself blinded by greed,What is this ancient battlefield in speculation,It is clearly a closed space full of the breath of the gods,And there is a terrible murderous intent in the sound of the sky,It screams and flies out,But was bounced back mercilessly by the invisible barrier。
Chapter VIII Speed up the process
And in reality,Jianuo suddenly yelled and fell on his back,Almost at the same time,Li Tianzhen is the same,But he pretends,Knowing that the other party rushed into the gray mist and suffered heavy losses,And cut off,Definitely hurt。
But Jianuo’s greed、Reckless behavior is like someone struck a match in the dark,Let Li Tianzhen’s memory gate suddenly open,He was sitting and meditating on the mountain near Xinglongshan Mental Hospital,Divine consciousness drifts in the divine possession,Suddenly heard the discussion of the gods,But somehow,He felt the primordial spirit suddenly swell,And skyrocket,Rise to an unattainable height,It seems that one step further can rush out of the sky。
Above the sky,The stars that once represented memory fragments were so close to him,Within reach,Every star shines with a different light,Each kind of light represents different things,Include scene clips、Practice exercises、Experience、Memory etc.,Li Tianzhen suddenly fell into a selective barrier,The later plot came to an abrupt end,Seems to be in a coma。
But this memory is very important,Li Tianzhen realized that there are magical space forces in those stars,Or that one of them has the power of time and space shuttle,Maybe not shuttle,But back in time,He racked his brains and couldn’t remember which one he touched,Is it the brightest light blue star around?Still that dazzling golden star?
When Li Tianzhen fell into the chaotic memory vortex,Zhang Zhiqiang didn’t know what happened,Although extremely shocked,But not flustered,Call someone to come in and control Li Tianzhi first,I am busy checking Jianuo,The supernatural power who made him very jealous closed his eyes tightly,Stiff like a log,Although there is still a weak breath,But it’s almost dead。
Li Tianzhen was instantly tied into rice dumplings by four strong men,But after finishing the binding, I found out,The one in my hand is still unconscious,But Zhang Zhiqiang is very cautious,Checked Li Tianzhu’s physical condition carefully,Much better than Cano’s situation,So he ordered his men to shut him back to the basement,Special guard,Not loose。
Facing Jianuo’s injury,Zhang Zhiqiang is helpless,I had to take out my phone and find a number that caused him a headache,Hesitate,Still dialed out,A very gloomy voice came from the microphone,Zhang Zhiqiang barely adjusts his emotions,Put on a relatively respectful posture,Briefly talk about what happened and the current state of Jianuo。
The other party is Cano’s brother,He is a ruthless character in the old man’s world,Spell abilities far exceed Cano,This person is not in the territory,Zhang Zhiqiang originally thought that this matter would arouse the other party’s strong interest,At most, it’s just a curse,But unexpectedly the response on the other end of the phone was very cold,Just after asking about Jianuo’s physical condition,I hung up the phone without even talking about it。