Even so,Dream Demon Ancestor also gained infinite benefits from it。

She naturally looks at the many inheritances in the universe of the Six Holy Peaks—However, as the only true god of the Yaozu,She can’t take risks easily。
The master of the universe who entered that universe,There are also clones。
Even so,There is also a weaker soul annihilated,The deity of the primitive universe fell together。This makes the dream demon ancestors who are three or two cats very distressed.。
but,The news from the Lord of the Forbidden made him a little bit happy。
“Ban,What inheritance information is?”
“teacher,My clone is there‘Six Holy Peaks Universe’in,Joined a true god,But also with other rules—That’s what the universe calls the Lord of the universe—And then participated in his gambling fight with another rival true god,Before gambling,A secret technique he passed to me。”
“Divine Burning Secret Art!”The Lord of Forbidden said in a little shock:“After I train,Cast this secret technique,Instant strength surged by a level!but,He wanted to kill me after the war,I blew myself up。”
“Can improve one level of strength?No wonder the masters of the universe of the human race can explode extremely powerful!”Based on Meng Yaozu’s understanding of humans,I instantly understood the reason for the increase in human strength。
“Can this secret technique be taught?”
“no problem,But the difficulty of practicing this secret technique is not small。。。”
Similar scene,Appearing among the major ethnic forces in the primitive universe and even the universe。
The major heritages in the universe of the Six Sacred Peaks。。。Finally fermented in the universe。
Chapter nine The final test