Put the flowers! "Bilibili" Union was established!

This is another breakthrough in the union of the union of the union and the Meituan (Shanghai) trade union of Jiyue Orange Network Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Independence Day"). Yangpu District Platform Enterprises and Tutor Enterprise Construction Association have formed a new situation of "counting flowers together". At the meeting, Li Yan, the secretary of the party committee, vice chairman and chief operating officer of Shanghai Bilibili Technology Co., Ltd., was the chairman of the union, and Leng Yan, deputy secretary of the company’s party committee, was the vice chairman of the union. The Yangpu District Federation of Trade Unions also presented a gift package for the new member of Shanghai Bilibili Technology Co., Ltd.

"Trade organization is a bridge between the party to contact the employees and the masses. At present, Yangpu is building the" Four Gaogao District ". I hope that the first trade union team of Shanghai Bilibili Technology Co., Ltd. , Cultural brand advantages, vigorously promote the advanced and craftsmanship of model workers, and continue to promote new development of Shanghai Bilibili Technology Co., Ltd.

"The relevant person in charge of Yangpu District Federation of Trade Unions said. Shanghai Bilibili Technology Co., Ltd. started from Pudong and developed and expanded in Yangpu. It was launched in June 2009 and officially named in January 2010. The website content has gradually developed from the simple content of animation, comics and games to a full -scale online entertainment platform covering many fields, and has formed a multicultural community covering more than 7,000 interest circle layers. In 2017, Shanghai Bilibili Technology The company established the party branch, and the party committee was formally established in June 2019. Over the years, Shanghai Bilibili Technology Co., Ltd. has adhered to the party building as the leader, combined with its own business characteristics, and vigorously spread the positive energy of the network to become the education of party member education. Promoting the mainstream value and telling the stories of Chinese stories. At the same time, it also actively integrates into the community to give back to the society with actual actions, in epidemic prevention, resumption of production, vaccination, building a new online economy, development, and development Party members’ volunteer activities have made positive contributions to regional development.