It’s just that these things are for Xia Chenglong,Too simple。

“Life two,Two birth three,Three Lives,Yin and yang,Shengtiandi,Gods and Demons,The unborn,What do you think?”
Liu Guangyi is silent,This doesn’t seem to be the answer to Mawei’s,The truth is。
He is talking about the way of life,And Xia Chenglong’s words are all roads,The Way of Heaven and Earth,Say goodbye to him,Even people who are truly at the top cannot explain clearly。
There is an indescribable environment between heaven and earth,There is also causal reincarnation,One is one,Two is two,Not because of something or someone。
Liu Guangyi asks again:“Bole or Maxima?”
“There is Bole in the world and then there is Maxima!”Xia Chenglong without thinking,“A Thousand Miles of Horse,Not full,Beautiful,Insulted by slaves,Pian died among the stables,And no different from Changma。”
Liu Guangyi frowned again,Because Xia Chenglong’s words and sentences are true,Bole comes before Maxima,This is the debate that Ma said。
I originally thought that the person sitting in front of me was just a weird cultivator,I didn’t expect the other party to be able to“Tao”Understand so deeply。
Liu Guangyi wants to use what he is good at to make his situation better,Now it looks a bit fanciful。
“Practitioner,All drink dew for food,Ping Wu Gu,Shinto,How does Liu Shao feel?”
Liu Guangyi was surprised by Xia Chenglong’s question。
It’s not Xia Chenglong asking questions,It’s that he actually made such a mistake。
Everyone knows that he is not good at practicing,And Xia Chenglong’s asking such a question is actually hitting himself in the face,Because he can refuse for ten thousand reasons。
“I don’t know what the husband said,I am not good at cultivating after all。”