Changsha Municipal Bureau of Education Research Demonstration Park develops an open activities on the development of education and teaching

Students do games on the event.

Gong Chun Xianian People’s Network Changsha November 11th (Xiangyu) On November 9th, Changsha City Bench’s Symposium Safe Fifthiatro Minul, the third kindergarten, carrying out "mixed-age role games in children’s civilized habits Support Strategy "is open offline on the project.

Discussion on the support strategy of young children developing education in the mixed-age role game, the third kindergarten business deputy director Gong Chun passes the concept of concept review, observation record, strategy, on-site interaction, etc. Through 3 problems, the venue brainstorming, lead the teachers to review the theory, and invite all the lines, the teachers underline are in depth, with the depth of the teachers, the teachers use the young children recorded by the teacher in the game. Wonderful moments. In the subsequent group discussion, the teacher representative was shared from the case story, teacher support, growth and harvest, reflection and harvest and harvest, and the participating teachers were discussed. Xiao Xiaomin, president of Changsha City School Education Association, through review, combing the "Civilized Small Civil Citizen" in the "Civilized Education Activity Resources", and the educational goals, and combed 16 teachers to support strategies, under the park A phase of the game launched the direction of research. Wang Yan, the third kindergarten garden leader, shared the basic situation of the park and the use and practice of "child development education activities", and said that kindergarten will focus on developing a culture of culture, education density, and education. Three "degrees" and promote young children to develop a good civilization habit.

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