Xia Xue put the phone on the coffee table,Horn hook a smile。

Subsequently smiled in Liu Qingqing sitting opposite,“It’s Xiaotian.,Clear,I let him do one thing for me.,You do not mind right。”
Liu Qingqing stunned,Shook his head immediately,“How can I mind?,Summer sister,If you want http://www.mobi-x3.cn to be busy,Me……”These days,Liu Qingqing will receive the phone of Xia Xue every day,About her shopping tea watching movies……Use Xia Xue’s words,The stinky boy does not accompany me in the New Year.,Liu Qingqing as his girlfriend,Must replace the summer compensation。
Liu Qingqing natural righteous。
For her,This is the opportunity to please Xia Xue。
Be right。
She is clear than anyone,Xia Xue has the status in the summer heart。
Especially the first meeting,Xia Xue is even on the spot.,Summer is his son。
Seems to be a little absurd。
But in the process of contact with the summer,Liu Qingqing also learned,Summer is almost big by Xia Xue。
Long sister!This is not just talking about it.。
“I am not busy.。”
Summer snow,“Lingyun Group also has your shares,Calculated that you are also http://www.yihu520.cn one of the shareholders,In fact, I still work for you.。”
Liu Qingqing laughs,Natural impossible。
Just talk,Xia Xue stood up,Stretch out,“I only have some more than a year.,go,Let’s go shopping,Then go to eat,I know that there is a roast duck and 驴 吃 好 吃。”
Liu Qingqing also laughed,Stand up。
A few days ago,She feels that Xia Xue is not so overbearing outside.。
At least in your own opinion,Quite peaceful。
The two quickly left the office,Go outward。
“Vice chairman。”
“Vice Chairman。”
All the way,The staff encountered have a good question.。
Xia Xue is originally a chairman,But when the year ago,Have a shareholder meeting,Push the summer to the way,Become a chairman of Lingyun Group。
And she became a vice chairman。
Many employees think that it is a big person’s change。
I haven’t thought of it.,They have http://www.hrbzgyxy.com.cn never seen the real chairman since the beginning.。
Old Snow is still in the palm of Lingyun Group。
It’s just a change.。
The staff are also secretly taking the sun next to the summer.,Wonderful。
These days,Many people see this scene,Let some of the old employees privately demonstrate。
When Xia Xue brought a Su Xiaoxue from Qinghai,Equally, if these days,Almost shadow。
Does the vice directors have to cultivate new people??
Elevator door open,Xia Xue and Liu Qingqing enter it,Soon down to the first floor。