Thank you, let’s claw Yang.,Mission,Concomby,Now activated。

Hool!Shaped shadow shape,Ray。
Outward, a light line,Then projected a picture。
The picture continues to expand on both sides。
At the end,It turned into a pair of a hundred meters,Wide also dozens of meters of huge light curtains。
Light curtain,Two patterns。
As long as it is a refinerie,I can recognize it at a glance.,This is the intersection of the intersection。
Left pattern,Regardless of techniques and technologies,Extremely sure,Design of three products array,Almost impeccable。
Design of each node,Be unique。
Changes in each front,Both full of artistic beauty。
“This is the unique three-laundry method……”A lot of refineries have a similar idea.,One thing is light。
They look at the pattern to the right。
Then,Just like the scene of my stay。
A moment of staying。
Wei Yinglan。
She doesn’t know what information left in the Toproom in the summer.。
This moment,Her heart is dramatically jumped,Two eyes Hawran,Deadly staring at the pattern on the right。
Her heart,Just feel a huge,The magnificent momentum is straight。
Right pattern,It is also the idea of the old Xie ring。
Unlike,Array design,Canada,Unscrupulous。
The array is completely removed from the ring,Even changes in the number of nodes。
However, on this basis,Several small changes,Let the array become atmospheric,Very magnificent。
This is a kind of……Never experience!Distinguished or three products,Still the same node,But in a variable,I have raised hundreds of thousands of kinds。
Powerful,At least three times more than three times。
What makes people jumping more,Refining difficulty,There is almost no change!what does this mean?
What does this represent!this means,A three-piece first-order refinerie,Can rely against this improvement,Refining three products,Even the top。
This is not improved!This is the open part!This is a huge reform in the refinery field.!Everyone looks like a flower。
In addition to the alignment of the array,I still leave some condensation information,Lists many improvements。
Every opinion is very ammonious。