“My grass,Really got a tail。”Ryoko picked up the last lunch box,“Don’t waste everyone’s time,I eat and listen。”

“Not in a hurry,Come back after eating,So I don’t want everyone to look at you。”Li Tianchou smiled and patted Liangzi on the shoulder and left Zhu Lei first。
Chapter Three Eighty One Division of labor
Li Tianchou’s cabin is already full of people,You can smell the thick smoke far away from the door,Don’t ask,The room is already blue。“This is killing people。”Zhu Lei gave a wry smile,Put the cigarette that I just took out back in my pocket。
Although all doors and windows have been opened,But the air in the house is still a bit stuffy,Li Tianchou can even feel the scorching eyes of many people。It seems that this bunch of rough embryos is more than I estimated,But hothead is one aspect,It’s another matter to face up to the difficulties and dangers we face。
It’s not that simple,There must be an adventure in the plan,Even gambling,So it’s necessary to remind everyone,But it takes Li Tianchou to pay special attention to the extent to which the words are considered to achieve the effect.。
Watching Ryoko run in with his mouth full of food and sit down,Li Tianchou waved his hand to make everyone quiet,“Bros,It’s hard to get everyone together,I mainly want to talk about two issues,First, Yuxing encountered difficulties and troubles,The second is how to solve these troubles。Regarding the first question,I think everyone has some feelings during this period,Our shop closed several times、Open,It’s not easy until now,In the end, it was smashed、Kidnap these monster moths,To put it bluntly, some people don’t like our stay in Fushan,This is the biggest trouble right now……”
“Then fuck it,Isn’t it just Wang Fan?,Die him!”Peng Weihua gave a strange cry,And made a throat cut gesture。He has been waiting for this day,Especially in the afternoon,He feels unusual。
“Correct,Day ta,One day to the end!”Broad beans followed closely,Except Fuld,Everyone burst into laughter。
Even Li Tianchou laughed,He rushed to Peng Weihua:“Be sure to check in,Wang Fan is probably just one of the opponents,This is what I want to emphasize today。As for what to do with him,That is the second question。”
“Who else?Xue Monkey?Xu boss?Pang Rong in the west of the city?Then do it all together,None of these gangsters in Fukuyama are pleasing to our eyes anyway,Not as good as one hundred。”Peng Weihua is even more energetic,Speak unobstructed。
Li Tianchou stared at Peng Weihua with a cold look,“Is that what you guessed on Replay Fire??”This remark,Everyone looked at Peng Weihua。
“My grass,This……Guess?Obvious things。”Although Peng Weihua was panicked by the opponent’s gaze,But still quite tough。Huo Xue Xue Monkey’s car is not authentic,Caused big trouble for Yuxing,But I’m very upset that the other party is always holding his pigtail。
“Don’t make guesses。”Li Tianchou slowly looked away,After all, this kind of occasion can’t make the master too embarrassed,He glanced at the people with different expressions,“So I want to emphasize,Discipline must be strictly observed in Yuxing。I’m not afraid to tell everyone the truth,Yuxing’s opponents are stronger than imagined,They are likely to be drug lords,Unusually comparable,Compared to Asahi Fudo,Killing and setting fire they are more professional,So if anyone doesn’t obey the command,。It’s trivial to cause trouble,If you ruin Yuxing, you can’t recover it。”
Everyone was stunned,The expression on his face was almost uniformly stiff,I didn’t expect it to be so serious,I didn’t expect Li Tianchou to speak so thoroughly,They all turned their heads to look at Zhu Lei。Zhu Lei is holding a teacup,Poker face,Obviously he had anticipated these words。
“Which drug dealer?What does it have to do with us?”Xiao Liu Lost。