Send the electric car to space? American electric car dealer Canoo becomes NASA supplier

It was reported on April 27th that the Public Public "Public" Daily website recently reported that the U.S. Aerospace Administration, which is known as NASA in the world, chose to provide electric vehicles by electric vehicle startups. The astronauts of Miss’s mission were transported from preparing buildings to the launch table. CANOO has added the ranks of manufacturers such as Tesla and Rivian, becoming a member of NASA space exploration tasks. NASA is a world -renowned institution.

All of its projects have received the attention of millions of people, whether on TV or on the scene.

Its latest space plan began in 2017. The name is Artemis, but it has a history of more than ten years. If it succeeds, it will become the first time that human beings have landed on the moon since the 17th Apollo mission in 1972.

Its goal is to land in the Antarctica of the moon in 2025. The Artemis plan has a further goal, that is, in the long run, it supports the manned Mars mission.

NASA chose Starshiphls of the Space Exploration Technology Company, one of its main contractors, in order to use it for a long time. In the launch of NASA and space exploration technology companies, astronauts took Tesla Modelx, which was welcomed by Elon Musk’s electric car company. Jeff Bezos, who is also a billionaire, is a technical and space travel enthusiast and the founder of the Aerospace Transport Company Blue Origin Company. Essence