Deepening the "Total roots" broaden "rich" (poverty alleviation)

  Since 2016, I have been poverty alleviation cadres. The village experience makes me deeply feel that the cadres can only be careful, dig "poor roots", broaden "rich", can do good poverty alleviation work. The first stop is Fang Tian Village, Huang Tuing Town, Jixian County, Hunan Province, and I was first secretary. In the village, I found that the situation was more than I thought: Fang Tian Village is both provincial poor villages, but also the weakness of the party organization.

I draw a map of the map, collecting the poverty household information, in detail, only two months, the basic situation of poor households in the village, I will admit it.

  Since the village party organization is weak, the people are uniform, we decided "to do things first", "while doing things, we will pay attention to the introduction of poverty alleviation and development projects, and actively strengthen the construction of party organizations, after a period of time , Gas, village two committees cohesion, and the combat power is significantly improved.

  Although disabled people in the village cannot compare with healthy workforce, they still have different levels of labor capabilities, before they can’t find the right to make money.

Under our coordination mobilization, the breeding enterprises in the village have established a "zero risk, zero payment foster" in the village.

Poor households receive mulberry sows, earth chicken seedlings, green shell egg seeds, and farmed enterprise package technology also to pay for repurchase.

Poverty, which has no source of income, can have 10,000 yuan in the income of thousands of dollars. For only one year, 56 poverty households took the poverty poverty of 47, the hat of the provincial poor village and weakness of the village also took it.

  In 2018, the organization sent me to Chuntanglong Village, Spring Festival Street.

Most of the poor labor in this village will hold a few acres of land in a few acres of land, and occasionally play zero, no additional income. After investigation, we decided to start from the development of industries and transfer employment. First, support poor households to establish rice planting cooperatives, assist in the flow of more than 2400 mu of land in the village to help solve a series of difficulties such as water conservancy, funds, technology, warehousing and mechanization operations; after the success of land, we actively docked with employers to help from farming The poverty labor transferred in the middle is re-employed. After two years of development, rice planting cooperation has become a demonstration base for municipal scientific plantation, with nearly 10,000 yuan, driving more than 10 poor labor, so that each poor family has more than 10,000 yuan.

The sweetness of the initial development of the industry, the poor, the university officer is enthusiastic, and then we continue to set up a dragon fruit planting base, the lotus seed industry base, the ecological breeding base, the people’s pockets are getting more and more drums, and the days are more and more moist. (Our reporter Sun Chaoyuan) Sourceph "style =" Display: none ">.