China Meteorological Administration party group study and implement the central work conference talent

October 8, the China Meteorological Administration party secretary Zhuang Guotai hosted the party group meeting, General Secretary Xi Jinping convey learning important speech at the central work conference on talent, as well as important speech during the visit in Yulin, study and plan to implement initiatives. It was noted that General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at the central work conference on talent, in-depth analysis of the new situation and new tasks and new challenges facing the human resources work, scientific answer to a series of major theoretical and practical issues in a new era of human resources work, clear guidelines , strategic objectives, key tasks, policy initiatives, is to guide a new era of human resources work programmatic document. The key moment comes time to promote innovation and development of meteorological science and technology, General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech for the good work of the new era of meteorological personnel pointed out the direction, provide a fundamental follow, with strong political, ideological and guidance. The meeting stressed that the national meteorological departments at all levels should fully understand the talent work conference held by the central significance, profound grasp of General Secretary Xi Jinping new ideas about a new era of human resources work of the new strategic new initiatives, practical thinking and action to General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech the spirit of the CPC Central Committee and decision-making arrangements, the actual meteorological work to promote the Party Central Committee decision on the deployment of a new era of talent to work the ground into effect in the meteorological department.

To do a good job the Central Work Conference talents especially General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech to convey the spirit of learning, learning through the center of the group, focused on research, training, etc., to promote the spirit of learning in meeting the full coverage meteorological department, in particular, to strengthen key units, key learning implementation staff, the units party committees (party) to increase political stance, the main responsibility for the implementation of the spirit of the meeting to achieve a deep understanding and accurate grasp.

We will promptly implement the introduction of specific measures, in accordance with Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and the important speech about the deployment and further improve meteorological top design talent development, improve the high-level personnel policies and measures for the Highlands and innovation to build a meteorological officer venture platform technology, focused Research on the key issues to introduce more practical measures to optimize the environment for the development of institutional mechanisms and talent development to further stimulate innovation and vitality of meteorological personnel.

It was noted that General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at the study in Yulin, Shaanxi, to make full use of the red resources, deepening the party history study and education, Geng continued red blood explicit request.

To thoroughly study and understand General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, according to the central party history study and education leading group deployment, earnestly implement the work.

To continue to promote problem solving the trouble worry hope, good winter and spring warmth and security for the Winter Olympics and other meteorological service. To push forward the ranks of forecasters in the country launched a "people-oriented, life-oriented" theme of practical activities to guide research business people continued to improve forecasting accuracy and timeliness to better protect people’s lives and property. The meeting also learned Xi Jinping "On the Chinese Communist Party history," a book some important table of contents.

(Contributed by: Party organs directly under the China Meteorological Administration) (Editor: Zhang Li send sign: Zhang Li issued: Zhong).