Island base。
Lightning thunder,The cloudy sky is bright as white,This island selected by Liao Wenjie,But the moment is hungry。
Broken reef shore,A yin-yang second gas map rain umbrella,Strong lightning lightning with high altitude。
Liao Wenjie single hand,Around the side of the peacock brothers who come to avoid,And two-five Ziyuo and captive。
“Mr. Kurosaki,What is these lightning?,Who is in the cast,You are still opposite hell?”Peacock is afraid,If it was not pulled by Liao Wenge,His stupid brother is coke。
Liao Wenjie brow wrinkled:“Hell and people are bound in two different worlds,You can understand the situation in front of your own self-protection or immune behavior,She rejects hell,Therefore, I want to interrupt the door of the hell.。”
“Can you succeed??”Peacock,If you can succeed,Will no one is injured,Not even dead,All happy。
“Be shameful,She is struggling is not very violent。”
Peacock smells,Low voice,It’s roughly that he understands,Trouble Liao Wenjie next time,Change some positive adjectives。
“See these lightning,I am 80% is gambling.,Ashuo is really critical。”
Liao Wenjie patted Ashura’s head:“There are vortex cracks around the world.,I am moving quickly to Tokyo,But only we add lightning effects。”
“What’s the meaning?”
“It means that the invasion of other places is not painful.,It doesn’t matter if you put it.,Only here,The best reaction,I guess opposite the heavyweight person debut.,Ten is the king of hell。”Liao Wenjie frowned。
Ro I was tied to the ground by the chain,Wen Yan,Laugh:“Hahaha,My master is coming soon,You are dead……”
Liao Wenjie raw on Luo my face,Take it hard on the ground.,Unfold:“very good,Continue to play,I like you this way of performing this role.,Extremely strong。”
Luo, my support, I am talking about.,Look at it, I know because I can’t hurt my body.,Some shielded words。
Lightning is more than,Liao Wenjie is not anxious at all,I even think about it again.。
His energetic,Both are scattered on each,If the prison king suddenly jumped out,He loses himself,It is difficult to keep the life of those crack edges。
“hateful,If it is not Hong Kong Island, there is a magic hole,Risk is too big,I will take the tool.。”
Hink,Sky’s lightning frequency plummeted,Symbolic playing a few,It’s not moving quietly.。
Facing the strong invasion of hell,Earth is always in a while,I will give up struggle。
You can’t blame the earth without a holiday,She can be so unbearable.,But the end of the final,Her cost is limited,Fine arm thin leg enemy but hell big muscle,I was overwhelming.。
Liao Wenjie scattered,A face is too disappeared with Lei Yun.,And next to the back,Avoid sudden lightning lightning。
Hello Roken I bored the anger of the earth,half-cooked,White redness,The enthusiasm of all kinds of sense。
Liao Wenjie didn’t look at it,Note to the black whirlpool,I saw that the space channel tends to stabilize,Black cavity slowly expands under fogging,The distorted space is unable to see the internal situation,Only bloody and dark are constantly breeding in the air。