Duan is really afraid of death,Can be afraid of death,He will not come out to smear your father.。Things of this,It is because the paragraph deep faintly feels that he has no possibility of winning.。

Since this,It’s better to prepare the Duan’s family.。At least,The more you now“highlight”,The more active stands come out and the old man“Pair”,So, cherish the Gao Bo Yi of Feathers,When you pack yourself in the future,Will not be too obvious。
Even Gao Biyi will not pack yourself at all.,Instead, he sets deep into a typical!
Then use this typical,To persuade other six towns in hesitation, prosperity。
That night,Duan I want to understand a lot of things。in this era,Personal honor and disgrace,Be no one。family,Is a personal relying。
Yet,Specifically to the operation,Standing on the front of the family,Eggs as another basket,This is also a common thing.。Duan Shen feels that he is not shameless,Instead, for the future of Duan,Faintly raised the big flag!
“Yang Zauxian,Military affairs,Will be responsible in the next natural,No need to worry about you。”
Gao Biyi is in time for the segment,Continue to say:“Too,Deep overcrowding,It is really difficult。Under suggestion,Can give the segment to the duties of the instrument。As for others,After defeating the Jinyang rebels,It is not too late to compete.!”
Gao Baoyi’s suggestion can be described as four flat and eight stable。
Give you“Kaifu Tongs”,It’s just that the court is sure you.,Take you“Typical”。This big name,No practical effect,But it’s symbolic meaning,It is very strong。
After the paragraph is overwhelmed,You this two five,Will also reward。
This is really saying that the drip is not leaking.,Even Yang Wei also can’t find something wrong。
“Suggestion of Chu Wang,Do you have any opinions??”
Li Zugu asked calm。
The ministers did not say halfway,Finally, Gao Baoyi dog legs Song Kangdao stands out,Online continued to speak。obviously,Everyone adds one to Gao Bo Yi.“Shares”,Feel some dissatisfaction and no choice。
“Tomorrow is a good day,Ministers suggest,Tomorrow, reward the three armies tomorrow,Kill the family’s mason’s rebellious molecules!Depth,This king’s suggestion,You have no idea.?”
Duan’s party,Self-made one in North Qi。Gao Boyi,That is to interrupt their spine bone first!
If you will be martial arts,Then you are criminals。
If you won’t be martial arts,Then I will let you cool to the extreme.。
Will you have it??
I found that Gao Bao Yi smiled and stared at yourself.,There is also the eyes of the courtesy, also concentrated on themselves.,Duan Shen helpless:“Unfaithful guy,Everyone gets it。I have already disconnected from them early.,Chu Wang please,Don’t care about those。”
“it is good,Sure enough, it is deep!”
For the depth“Sense time”,Gao Biyi is also slightly unexpected。However, his purpose has reached。Two purposes,One is for splitting Duan,Take a banner inside Duan。
Second,That is to tell the group,Duan Yu is not afraid,look,He is standing in our son.,What are you afraid?。
These two purposes have been reached,Play here,It is already possible,It’s very good to play it.。
NS956chapter Invading(superior)
Rearward,Gao Bo Yi Anon is deep,And send a hard to protect it,Anti-dog emergency jump wall,Send a deep assassination。
To know,Now,It is a class of“shame”,It is divided into their powerful weapons.!I still can’t see power,Because Duan people,Also expected to kill the city with the army!
Who will go to the team in this festival?!
However, when the band is coming with a big army.,But when I killed myself in the north of the water,Those people will have different minds in their hearts.。