Community Youthhui conducts six thousand red education activities throughout the year

Original title: Community Youthhui has carried out six thousand red educational activities to work 100 years Road, the new journey, the party history, the ideological office, the new bureau to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, combined with party history education activities, deep excavation of the capital Under the guidance of the Beijing Youth Municipal Committee, Beijing Youth Social Work Service Center (hereinafter referred to as Social Workers Center) will jointly carry out the "Jenny Party" and the Party Committee of the District Committee and the Party Committee. The whole people build a civilized city and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of China. Yesterday, in the "No Communist Party did not have a new China" morbid creation, the city of Xia Yunling township hometown is held. More than 500 groups of young men in the city, the young pioneers watched the scene of the scene, the poems, the red song singing, etc. At the event, Wang Hongtao, deputy secretary of the group municipal party committee, and the residents of the Social Workers jointly opened the "Construction Party of the 100-year Youth Heynchronous and Party" Community Youth Shiqing to celebrate the 100th Anniversary Theme Activity. The event is based on the scene teaching, "It has taken a hundred years of red" as the opening, and all participants reviewed the historical background and significance of Cao Huixing, 19 years old in 1943, "no Communist Party without a new China".

Simple lyrics, moving melodies not only express the voice of hundreds of millions of Chinese people, but also determined the people’s belief with the party. "" There is no new China without the Communist Party "is the first red song I have learned. I can come to the village of the song to create the village, so that I will know more about the red history and the heritage of our district." National anti-corona pneumonia epidemic Youth Volunteer Personal, Gongchen Street Greenland Huadu Court Community Youth Hui Human Tongyu said. Beijing Youth Daily reported that in order to lead the party history education to the in-depth, Fangshan Tuan District Committee, the District Committee, the Education Work Committee jointly develop the boutique theme group "School History, strong beliefs, with the party", in the city to jointly release Red original brand project, 100 red story, 50 sessions, red animation, "song" for the motherland, launched the day experience of the red footprint theme team, give the revolutionary martyrs a letter collection, red song singing, etc. Construction of the 100th Anniversary of the 100th Anniversary of the Party; Chen Hui, Wang Yingwu, Jin Yuchen, etc. who sacrificed in Pingxi, Wang Yingwu, Jin Yuchen, who sacrificed in Pingxi, anti-Japanese according to the anti-Japanese War, were named after Ten Town, Xia Yunling Township and Pu Yu Township The Young Pioneers, who drive group members to drive young school history, school homology, school history, school history, from the party history, learning to identify, and learn from yearning, the source is constantly transporting fresh blood.

  Yesterday, the Beijing Municipal Committee also launched the 100th anniversary of the 100th anniversary of the city’s community youth, the Social Work Center will pass the "organize a study" "to organize a" "" "" "" "" Relive the oath "" Tell a story "and other forms to organize the" Building Party Centennial "to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the party 100th Anniversary, call on the city’s teenagers, work, dedication, strong beliefs; "Run Youth – Celebrate the Party 100 years to respect the new era" Creative running activities, organize the city’s youth to complete the route creativity in the form of running, using the rush to express the most beautiful blessings, use youth to light the color; through "new youth youth reading "" "" "" "" "" "" "" " The patriotic education base, carrying out red relay visits learning activities, tracking historical contexts, feeling ceremonial education, helping young people to firmly believe in the ideals, keep in mind the initial mission. It is reported that the community youth exchange is expected to carry out more than 6,000 red educational activities in the 100th anniversary of the party, will participate directly from 120,000 teenagers. Text / This reporter Liu Wei photography / Wang Ning (editor: Dong Zhaorui, Bao Congying).