First1618chapter The strong alliance was broken up

Hu Huiru left Chenzhuang with a smile,But Wang Youcai’s heart was lifted from this moment,Because he found,Hu Huiru didn’t believe him and Feng Yan,Something like this to check at any time,He has to be careful。
Spring flowers bloom,Rebirth,The entire Pingyang Town is already in a sea of flowers。Especially the apple base in Dongshan,Which fruit trees began to try,There are scattered flowers,It looks amazing。
Also on this spring day,Xia Jian’s work has finally become regular,He has since become an organization man,He has become the real mayor of Pingyang Town.。
Deeds of Xia Jian,Received reports from major provincial and municipal media,He became a news figure for a while,This has affected his life more or less,Because where to go,Someone will look at him specially,It feels like he is different from others in some ways。
Finally, the gust of wind passed,Xia Jian’s life was restored to peace。But something that bothered him came again,Just don’t know why,The above suddenly decided to transfer Secretary Wang, who has worked for many years, from Pingyang Town。
It’s not just that Secretary Wang himself disagrees,Even Xia Jian can’t accept it。If Secretary Wang didn’t cooperate well with him these two years,Pingyang Town will not develop so fast。
“This is a mess,Just not good“Tong Jie got angry first。
Secretary Wang lowered his head,Keep smoking,Smoke filled Xia Jian’s office。He was so angry about it,After all, the arrangement above,Moreover,His current identity is different from before,He said what he wanted to say before,But now?He has to think about it when he speaks,This is what Qin Xiaomin told him。
“forget it!I still accept my fate!I wanted to have a good time with everyone for another two years,Then retire honorably,Now it seems,It’s still difficult to realize this wish”Secretary Wang said,He slammed the unfinished cigarette into the ashtray,I can see that he is extremely unbalanced。
From the perspective of the entire city,Pingyang Town is now the best town in the city,No matter from which aspect,Pingyang Town can rank first。Thus,Those who are related,Began to move closer to Pingyang Town。
But the job here is a carrot and a pit,Unless transfer one,To arrange one in。Zhao Delin took it away,Less than a week,A new deputy mayor came to report。
This man is in his thirties,Li Lin。He came to work less than a week,Just let it out,Say that he is a relative of the leader of XX,Secretary Wang found out about this,He called Li Lin to the office and cleaned up。I didn’t expect this person to be a bit unconvinced,Ran to the city the next day,To sue Secretary Wang。
Of course,Something like this,No matter how you protect your shortcomings, you can’t publicly criticize Secretary Wang,Besides, Secretary Wang is not wrong at all。But it doesn’t seem to be over,This Li Lin is always looking for problems and having trouble with Secretary Wang,But he didn’t dare to fight Xia Jian。
A bit busy some time ago,Xia Jian thought he would clean up this Li Lin after he was busy,Unexpectedly, Secretary Wang received an order from the Organization Department,Let him be the secretary in the poor and backward Donglin Township,This is obviously a bit of revenge。
Xia Jian, who had been sitting without saying a word, sighed and said:“Don’t worry,Work everywhere。I think Donglin Township is not only poor,Where is the best air in the entire township of Pingdu”
“What are you talking about?It seems that where Secretary Wang went to recuperate”Tong Jie said angrily。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“The body is the capital of revolution,I didn’t say this”Xia Jian said,I just want to make the atmosphere more active。