Hubei: Investment and financing docking of cultural tourism projects will help include inclusive financial policies directly to the market subject

  Xinhuanet Wuhan, May 29th (Lian Xun, Cheng Tao) Hubei Province "Plaza Finance Support County and District Culture and Tourism Market Masters Development Promotion Activity -Cultural Tourism Project Investment and Financing Conference" was held on the 28th in Wuhan Essence The purpose of the event is to build a direct dialogue and exchange platform for cultural tourism enterprises and financial institutions, alleviate the problem of expensive financing difficulties for corporate financing, and further promote the direct cultural and tourism market entities.

  On the same day, more than 30 investment institutions and angel investors attended the meeting, and interacted with the development prospects of Hubei Meno Sports Co., Ltd. and the "Shangwu World" free fighting events, which were on -site roadshow.

Meano Sports and Wuhan Jinyu Mantang Culture Communication Co., Ltd. reached a cooperation intention on the spot.

  The event was guided by the Department of Industry Development of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, hosted by Hubei China Chinese Cultural Property Exchange and Hubei Provincial Cultural and Financial Service Center.

Tan Jin, deputy director of the Industrial Division of the Hubei Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, said that although the continuous new crown epidemic has a great impact on the resumption of labor and re -production of small, medium and micro -cultural tourism enterprises, citizens’ demand for the cultural tourism industry is still strong. The space for the development of travel companies is still huge. At present, the central and local governments have successively introduced a series of employment and market entities to support the development of bailout development of secondary and medium -sized cultural tourism companies. We are full of confidence in the development of the cultural tourism industry in Hubei.

  Wang Jinpeng, general manager of the Hubei Provincial Cultural and Financial Service Center, introduced that after the new crown epidemic, the Hubei Provincial Cultural and Financial Service Center has been committed to making good use of inclusive financial policies and carrying out investment and financing docking activities to help small and medium -sized micro -cultural tourism enterprises relying on development. The Cultural and Financial Service Center has timely set up an online and offline financing docking platform. The park, key projects, etc. have organized nearly 20 "cultural tourism war" special financing docking activities, and more than 1,000 enterprises and investment institutions have participated in the event to achieve nearly 100 million yuan in financing. Essence