Be wary of "killing" in the party’s political life

Original title: Be wary of "Folding" in the party’s political life [Analysis theory] Ming agent Su Wei in the "Chicken Bidding" book, divided friends into four categories.

He said: "Dao Yi, too fragmented, fearful; essential, life and death can also.

"As far as the political life in today’s party, it is the first two types of friendship, and it is necessary to avoid two types of relationships.

How to avoid "" and "thieves" alienation parties? This requires vigilance and curbing the stick and killing. Glone kill, as the name suggestions, it is to kill people through sticks.

In the political life of my country’s feudal era, this stick does not exist.

The so-called "Condump" "Killing the Wars" "military stick", etc., this is also.

In the "left" trend, not only the physical form of the stick killing, the words of the words, such as "sticking" "buckle" "unlimited episode", etc., also seriously polluted the party’s political life Even the whole social life.

Today’s party’s political life and social life have returned to democratic politics and rule of law, although can’t be said to kill, especially the words of the speech, but stick to the presence of social politics soil, from all over the general No longer exists. In the phase, it is necessary to be vigilant and curb today, but it is.

It is based on this reason. The "Several Guidelines on the Party ‘s Political Life in the New Situation" adopted by the Sixth Plenary Session of the Party’ s Eighteenth Central Committee stressed that "the party is not allowed to fix the label, blow the shot, and. The propaganda of leaders should seek truth from facts, and it is forbidden to blow. "

  The extent is too shame, the harm is different. Some people have fun, blow to shoot, Amazed, focus on "holding" instead of "killing", the main purpose is to please leaders, let the leaders for their own "Junjue" "Light". This behavior and the atmosphere are of course "bad political ecology", which should be included in the category of governance. But for leading cadres, its harm is not yet. Dong Han should write "customs" book in the book: "Changmu horse fertilizer, the viewer is fast, the passenger likes to say, so that it is dead.

"This may be my country’s history about a great allusion in the early history.

It is not difficult to see that "the viewer is fast" is because it is "holding", the horse "as for death" is fruit, "kill".

For Malay, the "guided" "Guide" pays the price of life, and its harm can be described as an additional. In this allusion, "the viewer" "is" is self-sincere, it is in the "killing horse", we have no test.

But in today’s party’s political life, there are indeed some people’s touting of leading cadres is "drunkenness is not in the wine". They tend to be exaggerated, and they will be "talented", and they will be "hard work"; or the deer is the horse, will be excited to "with the power" "Prestige", will Luxury enjoys the "unhealthiece", "understands to enjoy life." The purpose of doing this is to put the leading cadres "pull the water", so that they are self-priced, and they are arbitrarily caught in the abyss of corruption, so they have touted the "Trolley drive" and become the tools for their interests and transportation, money transactions, and power transactions.

The result is often "kill", which is as broken as the political life of leading cadres and even natural life.

From the case of many leading cadres, "falling horses", this lesson can be described as pain. The identity and words of the person who can be causing, and the expression of "holding" has a strong deceptive, confusing, is the so-called "big traitor" "口 蜜 剑". Such people are very good at trying to figure out some of the minds of leading cadres and vote, thus giving these leading cadres, "people who live", "can talk", "can do things", unconsciously caught in their carefully designed "魂"Warm Township".

At the same time, from the perspective of party disciplines and regulations, it is still difficult to clarify and accountable for the identity and words of the label.

Therefore, vigilance and curbing, one side needs further improvement of relevant regulations and systems, and the other hand, leading cadres need to remain awake, stay away from "" "" thieves ", close to" fear "," friend ", continuous purification Your own "friends circle", carry forward our party criticism and self-criticism.

From this perspective, "Several guidelines on the party’s political life within the new situation" emphasize that "leading cadres, especially senior cadres, must take the lead in being like flow, dare to speak," (The author is an advanced editor of the theoretical department of the People’s Daily) (Qin Hua, Yan Yan).