Francis arrived at the scene,The ancient Wild Hilde family is a long to wear a crown for the wind.。

Francis looks at all under the stage,Slightly tone。
Wang Crown,Mondan people’s beliefs have poured into the new body,The name is established according to the pursuit of God!
The impact of the wind disappears instantly,The wind flows in the earth。
Shenming’s body is prototype,Shaped a new body。
Golden rendered white feather and blue granter,Wear a Seliya flower on the head,Blue light of the chest shows its distingness。White cloth wrapped with a leg,Another thigh shows blue texture。
The whole body does not have any violent breath。
Gentle,Flansis strongly holds the inner joy。
At the stage,Barbatos playing the harp,God is floating,Tewarin flew over,Accept the official care of Barbatus。
“My name,My genus:Tewarin,Snow and ice。”
Tevawin gave the sound of the sound,Flying and bring a sky,Balling the snow of the wind。
Barbabos continues to http://www.owanbao.cnrelease the power,The wind blade is flattering the mountains of the wind.,Scrupion seaside windshield,Alley left a cliff,Just because there is a growing in Sishi Yam。
Feng God likes these flowers。
Yearning,Only growing in extremely and warm places。
Francis saw the colors next to?Lawrence,I went to play a greeting.。
Cole also invited Francis to Lawrence home to visit,But he was rejected by him.。
After determining the new Mund position,Barbabus dissipated in front of everyone。
Frances back to the room,I saw Barbabus sitting inside.。
Green cloak,Rubber,And green eyes with flanges。
This is a new one“Weidi”。
Barbabus open mouth:“You are finally back!Francis。” Voice is very light,Just like waiting for your husband’s wife.。
and many more……This metaphor seems to be a little strange?
Sunshine in the hut,Here is where you live and Weidi once lived.。In that month,Barbabus saw Wing Di out to arrange planning uprising every day。
Free bored He only looks like Frances in the yard.,Play,Sing。
He likes the song of Francis,And Wen Di’s song is not the same,Weidi’s cheerful is a happy way for freedom.,It is the fantasy of young people.。However, flanis is different,He is more about the people of love。
Barbabus does not know who is the object of it?,But he is a one-specific person。
Daily day,They practice together。