Chapter VIII Artistic conception

So far, I can’t find any way out from here,Then only kill,Solving all these is the only way out。
Then treat this as a kind of training,As the foundation of the pinnacle of achievement。
The two looked at each other,Rush straight ahead in the next moment。
Xia Chenglong naturally wants to get out of here as soon as possible,So at the beginning, use all your strength,of course,This full force is not a random use of martial arts,But every sword achieves its effect。
They are not particularly strong,For them, it’s just natural enough to solve it casually,But the mystery is probably not something ordinary people can do。
In his hand is just an ordinary blue night sword,Xia Chenglong stabbed with a sword every time,One will fall,It can be said that there is no little extra。
This is Xia Chenglong after serious。
Rushed in at first,Xia Chenglong was shocked,I thought they existed for thousands of years,The body has shriveled a long time ago,I didn’t expect these guys to be flesh and blood,Doesn’t seem to be much different from them。
Everyone down,There will be a smell of blood,This grand scene surrounded by thousands of troops,Under the pressure of a powerful army,Have to endure the impact of blood,Not an easy task in itself。
But he is fine,As the killing machine of the former military department,He is already familiar with this smell,At least for now, is there a big problem?。
But Murong Qianxue is not so good。
Similar to this kind of direct collision with the military, this is her first time,The soldiers from all directions charged up,The woman whose realm is much higher than these guys is a little confused。
This requires a process。
Xia Chenglong can’t help each other,Everything needs to be solved by yourself。
From a distance,On the plain plain,The densely packed warriors directly spread into a plane,And Xia Chenglong and Murong Qianxue are two points of this plane。
no way,In the entire battlefield,Their figure is too small。
If you look closely,The soldiers who were killed did not dissipate directly,They are just like normal people,Fell tragically to the ground。