2020, China Pharmaceutical Industry, the list of 13 companies on Shandong

People’s Daily On August 2, on August 1, the 2021 (38th) National Pharmaceutical Industry Information Center hosted by the China Pharmaceutical Industry Information Center opened in Jinan, the General Assembly issued 2020 Chinese medicine in recented industries. Industrial top list. 13 companies in Shandong were in the top of the China Pharmaceutical Industry, and the ninth place in Qilu Pharmaceutical Group. The theme of this year is "Building a high-energy ecotry circle", focusing on medical innovation research and development, children’s drug development, medical consumables centralized quantities, drug scientific supervision, industrial capital docking and other fields, from policy environment, innovative ecology, cross-border integration , Capital patterns and other dimensions, promote exchange cooperation, explore future development, aimed to promote the quality of the full elements of pharmaceutical ecotrous circles, efficiency upgrade, kinetic energy conversion.

Shandong 13 companies are: Qilu Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (9), Shandong Stelby Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (21), Weigao Group Co., Ltd. (22nd), Luan Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (30th 30) ), Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (44), Ruiyang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (53), Shandong Lu Anti-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (61st), Yantai Green Leaf Pharmaceutical Holdings Co., Ltd. (62), Shandong Luo Xin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (71), Chen Xin Technology Group Co., Ltd. (74), Yantai Dongcheng Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (78), Shandong Jincheng Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (55), Shandong Du Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (99).

Among them, Qilu Pharmaceutical Group, which entered the top ten list, is a domestic old medical leading company. Science and technology research and development, production management, quality control, green development, market services, etc., have been developed and developed more than 400 drugs in the listing of more than 400 drugs, 47 products in China, including anti-tumor, anti-infection , Cardiovascular, spirit, nerve, ophthalmology, liver disease, and AIDS treatment areas. The company is currently more than 60 new drug projects. More than ten have entered clinical research, one has been declared, and it is expected to be batch next year.

Shandong is an economical province, and the population is also the province of medical consumption. The reporter learned from the meeting that in the first half of this year, Shandong GDP growth increased year-on-year, and the increase in industrial added value above the scale was higher than the national average. The pharmaceutical industry is a large number of traditional industries. Last year, the total sales revenue in the province’s pharmacephics industry reached a nationwide.

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