He tried to http://www.dealex.cn go to the forward,But the reincarnation failed。

This situation can only be explained that there is still no death.,And my love of love should also be related to this.。
“Is it sintered??”Big snake pill shakes his head。
“Do not,More advanced than that,Even the strength of the is further powerful”Said。
“This is impossible,Even if my embrace reincarnation is not limited to the translock,It is also impossible to achieve stronger strength than the birth.”The big snake pills finally changed。
“I don’t know what is going on.,But the spring is done.,Even his peers of his peers is also greatly enhanced.”
I have been in the face of the big snake pills.。
The atmosphere here is suddenly solidified,How does the big snake pill did not expect his own hard research technology?,Actually, I was surpassed.。
This is definitely not doing it.,Then there is only one situation.。
He should have a certain ability to transfer souls。
The big snake fell or guess something。
After a while。
“What information is there?”The big snake pill returned to move forward。
“There is also our spring in our previous organization, and our actions will be defeated.,The death of ghosts and new comes,Sasuke also joined the Sky Parliament,Now we have no action on it.”I will follow it.。
“This is really bleak.”The big snake pill is holding a bruises。
“What is Yuxi Bottary http://www.hhhtlxs.cn preparation?,But now the current situation,He can’t do anything”
“Yes,The door does not mean again.,It seems that I want to wait for the resurrection,This is still your good thing.”Prostitute。
“hehe,If you find me again later,There is no such thing.”The big snake faintly said。
“No one wants you to kill my love directly.”Never have some headaches,He also didn’t understand why the big snake pill did this。
“All right,Do you need strength?,I will give you,But what I want?,You have promised me”The big snake pulse is cold。
“Other,But the most crucial one is now,And this power cannot be used immediately,I have no way to find the position of Quan.,In advance,Will cause alert alert”
I will have a bag to hand it to the big snake pill.。
“hehe,Will not,I am also ready to give Spring a surprise.”The big snake pill is http://www.kskcsc.cn smiling and said。
Maybe even the spring does not know,With the territory and it is actually working with the big snake pills.。
And he is still working hard。
A large number of shadow dishes sitting on a platform in the city of the sky,I saw that they were in their hands.,Frowning,What seems to be induced?。
And the body of the spring is under the big tree sitting in a garden.,Communicate。
Originally, there is no big tree.,Maybe,But in the foundation for so long,I am afraid that I am dead.。
Spring feels some monotonous,I made a big tree in the wood.。
“Heavy,Can you say a little clear?,How did you feel the natural energy?”Spring hurts。
Xianli has contacted a long time.,But the spring still has no progress,Also stayed in the stage of feeling natural energy,This makes him a little urgent。