Two forces collide together,Make a loud noise。

Recklessly,Chen Xiu’s body shape receded,Flying into the yard,The blood is already tumbling;And Master Qingyun has a hard time,The whole person also flew upside down and hit the wall,Flushed red,Bloodshot from the corners of the mouth!This is Chen Xiu’s accident,After being surprised, I am even more happy:“It turns out he was so badly hurt,Less than 50% of the original skill,Don’t take advantage of his illness!”
“It’s you!”
Patriarch Qingyun never expected that he would meet the person who wanted to kill the most when he was weakest,Excited and disappointed。
“Yes,Thunder can’t kill you,I’ll walk for the sky!”
While Chen Xiu was speaking,Suddenly flashed out,Suddenly straddling the front tens of meters,Took the initiative to attack,A palm suddenly slashed towards!“Rumbling!”
Chen Xiu’s palm cut down,The law of wind attribute is entrained in the fist strength,Like a thunderbolt on a sunny day,The air around the palm detonated violently,Circles of air waves visible to the naked eye,Expansion rapidly in all directions,The void seems to have been chopped by Chen Xiu’s palm!“court death!”
Seeing Chen Xiu took the initiative to attack,Patriarch Qingyun made a strange cry,His body swelled up suddenly,A huge force burst out from his body,His left palm shot out like lightning,It happened to be on Chen Xiu’s palm!“Boom!”
A sharp and deadly force suddenly burst,With Chen Xiu’s true energy and the powerful strength of his own body,Were blown back by this terrible force more than ten feet,Feel uncomfortable。
“What he brings in his boxing strength is not the five conventional natural laws of gold, wood, water, fire and earth,Not cold、The law of nature,But so powerful!”
“I really want to be in this power……death,That’s right the breath of death!”
“There is actually this kind of power!”
Chen Xiu was surprised,Suddenly became alert。
A force like this with a breath of death is far stronger than ordinary laws of heaven and earth,The blessing of your own physical strength can’t completely crush him。
While Chen Xiu was shocked,Grandmaster Qingyun was also surprised:“After passing the thunder, I have rebuilt the way of killing,There are no less than a hundred people in my hands。
This kid is so domineering physical power,It’s a lot better than last time,Can withstand my blow!This kid is too talented,Can’t keep him!”