“screw you,Who let you be strong,Don’t squeeze you??

Are you willing others??”
“I asked your words seriously.,You really want to continue to rush with me.?”
Listening to Li Mei,Looking at the expectations of the opponent’s eyes,If you have a long life, you can’t say it.。
Originally he likes Li Mei,Later, I slowly fell in love with each other.。
Life is rare to meet a woman who can love yourself。
Since I met,He feels natural to cherish。
“I am also serious,In fact, I am also bored during this time.,This is just a little thing.,And then start from this blood wolf.,It’s what we like to kill.。”
Li Mei charming glanced at Lu Changsheng Road:“Row,That night.,I am award to you.?”
“it is good!”
Lu Changsheng said this,It is also a coffee with Li Mei to find a hotel.。
More than 7 o’clock in the night,Li Mei and Lu Changsheng also appeared in Jin Xijie’s residence。
The same is also a scorpion and other people。
Li Mei does not have any explanation here.,Directly in accordance with the day plan。
Nie Yang,It is early to know that the scorpion and others go to buy a dagger.。
Be a person,Let Nie Yang feel that tonight is a sliced vegetable,I even heard that the other party just took a dagger and didn’t have a better weapon.,He lost interest to these people。
However, since he will provoke him,Package each other,He feels still necessary。
On the same day,Under the leader of the scorpion,Directly came to the wind and snow。
And the wind and snowy moon in tonight is really no business.。
This makes the scorpion that it is very admired to see Li Mei.。
The other party said that the other party did。
This matter,Jin Xijie can’t do it。
Li Mei, a woman walks in front。
She also reopened the previous style tonight tonight.。
Black chiffon lace dress,A pair of red high heels,Exquisite makeup。
Fire red flame red lips give people unlimited space。
The slender jade leg follows the floating of the skirt.。
Nie Yang saw the lead is a woman when it is a woman.。
When you look at the color of Li Mei’s value,The whole human eye is a bright ray.。
He feels that the women who have played before, there is no one that can be better than Li Mei.。
Especially the temperament combined with the Queen’s domineering with the fox.,He feels that any man can’t resist。
And Li Mei like a woman,He feels that the more powerful men want to go to conquer。
I thought that Li Mei sang in her own.,His heart is hot。
Li Mei saw the other party as early as prepared,There is no timidity。
Especially the other party seems to be really waiting for her.,She brought more than a dozen people,The other party actually has five or 10 people.,And one of them is holding a chopper,Steel pipe。
Incident,She saw Nie Yang sitting in the center.,The eyes of the other party, she naturally is also a clear.。
But for such eyes,She has already seen it early.。
After all, she has also encountered a lot of people.,Many such eyes,But there is no exception, their end is not good.。
“hehe,I didn’t expect the boss in the county in the county.,This is a little accident.!You are the red sister of the Coff?”