Xiao Xiao’s body is trembling,My hands are shaking,Look ahead,Want to talk,But found that I couldn’t speak,Want to stand up,But I feel that my trembling legs can’t help me。

When Chen Wenjin took her,Xiao Xiao stabilized slightly,But still can’t speak,Just subconsciously holding on tightly、Holding Chen Wenjin’s arm,Do your best。
Chen Wen saw she moved to the passenger seat now,Suddenly he fell down because of insufficient strength,So I half pulled and half hugged her and let her sit in the passenger seat,Comfort her:“Break,never mind。Sit here and it’s okay。”
Wang Shuai just couldn’t squeeze in to help,At this time, I took two bottles of mineral water from Xiao Xiao’s trunk,Open the lid and hand it to Xiao Xiao:“Drink of water,Steady God,Okay,Just scratch。”
Wang Shuai said so,In fact, I am afraid,I realized that Biaoche was not fun,You may be gone if you lose control。
Xiao Xiao drank some water,Better,About to get off,Stand up,But my legs are still shaking,Seeing to fall down,She quickly grabbed Chen Wenjin。
Chen Wenjin supported,Wang Shuai also held her other arm,Xiao Xiao suddenly sobbed,And insisted on pushing away and not letting them help,Leaning on the door。
Chen Wenjin knew she was scared,I’ve only recovered,Then I was afraid to vent my fear,Just take the paper to wipe her tears。
Xiao Xiao cried for a while,I’m really recovering。
“I’m fine、never mind。”Xiao Xiao said,Check the situation of the two cars,Found that they are all next to the guardrail,The side of the car scratched all the way,Chen Wenjin’s car injury was more serious。“I dare not open。”
“I called Brother Xiu,Let him come to the trailer。”Wang Shuai answered immediately,I thought Xiao Xiao would not be able to continue driving like this。
“It’ll get over in a while,Find a place with no one to open。It’s hard to drive after being scared,It’s best to overcome it once you’ve recovered。”Chen Wenjin sees Xiao Xiao actually recovering quickly,So scared,Driving in the future will definitely consider safety important,It’s safe to drive。
“Don’t!”Xiao Xiao refused without hesitation,Chen Wenjin didn’t force her,It’s useless to say anything right now,Say it slowly。Xiao Xiao, after anxiously refused,Slowed down again,To Chen Wenjin:“I am afraid。I thought I would hit the guardrail just now,I can’t help thinking of the car flying up and falling down,Explosion……”
Xiao Xiao still has the second half to say,Think it’s not suitable,Didn’t say anything。
“never mind。”Chen Wenjin thought that luckily it was all right。
At this time, Wang Shuai couldn’t help but ask the details of the accident,Xiao Xiao recalled the situation,When Wang Shuai listened, he looked at Chen Wenjin in surprise,Finished listening,Also afraid。
According to Xiao Xiao,I really passed by death just now,If it wasn’t for Chen Wenjin’s timely and accurate rescue,I don’t know what it will be。
Chat for a while,Brother Xiu is here。
See the scene,He who should have sympathized but couldn’t help but smile。