If you are Li Hui’s eyes,I am afraid he will go straight along the steps directly.。

Li Hui Hui came back to Zhang Fugui,I saw the opponent’s face.,It seems that gasping is not moving。
This pair is also shocked him.,Hurry a slap in the opponent’s chest,Then use the spiritual force in the body to go in a slightly。
Seeing the other party gasping,Li Hui Feng tone。
He also didn’t expect this hole in this horror.。
Have a long time,Zhang Fugui is also slow。
Just now, he feels that the whole person has walked away at the ghost door.。
I have seen Wang Daoyuo’s model with Wang Dahai.,Decisive choice is watching。
After all, it is better than you.,What is the money?。
If you have money, you will be a sadness.。
And famous money,At least people can make money。
“uncle,How do you feel??”
Li Xiangxiao looked at Zhang Fugui that was slow,It is also a concern,He is also afraid that Zhang Fugui will then brand what sequelae and the like.。
“Cough and cough and cough,I almost want my old age.。”
“Xiao Li you said,This is simply a thing that is going to live.,Fortunately, I didn’t rush it.,If I rush it directly,I feel that I haven’t been there now.。”
When you say this, Zhang Fugui is also afraid of a face.。
“Hey-hey,uncle,Let’s stop first.,I have to keep it here at night.,Here, the place where people do not spit bones.,I have to quickly report it.,This situation is big,Said small,This is definitely a baby,But let’s take it.,It is also no life to enjoy,Those babies must be cursed。”
If Li speaks like the wind before,So Zhang Fugui definitely does not believe。
But it has experienced a ghost door.,He believes。
“Xiao Li,You are also careful,We are waiting for you to order at any time,You said that let us excavate us to dig。”
“Hey-hey,It should be no need for a while.,After all, this is very likely to be the atropings.,It will definitely become a place for national key prototypes.。”
Say,Li Hui Feng directly gave Shen Tian Si past the phone。
At the same time, I said the dangerous thing I encountered by Zhang Fuyi.。
“Lee brother,You are sure that it is an ancient tomb group?”
“Shen Da Ge,I don’t dare to determine,But I feel that you have a national archaeologist,Still let them look at it is better,I doubt that there is still a problem like Feng Shui.。”
I heard that Li Hui said so cautious,Shen Tian Si is not hesitant。
“Row,I will call it.,At the same time, I also said with the county.,Let the county directly send police to protect the scene,If this is really a tomb group,Then, your village may be all relocated.,At that time, your houses can be worth money.。”
When I said this,Shen Tian Si is also a little envious of Li’s luck.。
Actually, I just bought the land and most housing in the village.,It is a good thing to meet this.。
It can even be said that it is more likely to double.。
But Li Hui has listened to this, but it frowned.。
Others, he doesn’t know.,But he is some unwilling to leave Lotus Village.,After all, this is his root.,He has lived in this for more than 20 years.,If you let him move away from him, he will definitely。
As for those who have lived in this five or sixty years,Seven eight decades,A few generations of people who live here are even more reluctant.。
“Shen Da Ge,Here if it is really an ancient tomb group,Does the people in Lianhua Village have to move??”
“Um,Theore in theory,After all, protect the tomb.,Of course, it may not be,Everything is waiting for the next time after reading it.。”
I heard Shen Tiansi.,Li speaks in his heart, it is still a bit unrestrained.。
Hang up the phone,Li Hui looks at the dark hole,Also I want to go in to explore。