Little girl in the supermarket,You have no positive for people.,I saw a few times when I went to the supermarket.,You,The current society is so complex,Can avoid some troublesome to avoid,Don’t give us what trouble。”

Gu Yi, who was quoted:“”He knows the mouth of the mouth,His brother is not like a brother.,In the heart of Grandma,I will never be more than his younger brother.。
Gu Yi Lin got up,Go to Jiaqi,Soft temperature,“Jiaqi,Let’s go up.,I will eat down。”
Shen Jiaqi looked at him,After getting up and the elders play a greetings,Following Gu Yi Lin to his room。
This is Shen Jiaqi for the first time to come to Gujia.,Looking at the brilliant and noble villa ,She comes in,I feel some bureau promoting。
Gu Yi Lin held her upstairs,The two did not speak all the way.。
Gu Yi Lin brothers lived in the third floor,The brothers have a large room.。
The rooms of the two are separated from the middle of the middle,Even live upstairs,Will not affect each other。
Gu Yi Lin pushed the door,Shen Jiaqi seeed,Reflecting the shade of gray, white purest tones,No other mixed colors,Just like him,See more transparent and pure,Give people a clear feeling。
Furniture sofa with hue,Emphasize the insequence of luxurious feelings。
Gu Yi Lin looked softly.,Holding her from her,Strap put the head on her shoulders。
Shen Jiaqi slightly,But quietly standing in the same place。
Gu Yi Lin softly opens:“Jiaqi,Let’s get married.。”
Shen Jiaqi heard these two words,The whole face is shocked。
She smiles:“Gu Yi Lin,But I haven’t forgive you yet.。”
When I am in love with him.,Know that he is a young master of Gu’s family,Her love talks about war。
Even if you know that there will be a bad ending,But she still insists,She can’t win everyone’s satisfaction,But in the heart of memory,At least love her,I also know the kindness of this man.,She wants to die,But there is not much too much to hate him。
This sentence,It is the most expectation of her.。
At that time she thought,If you can with him,Her life will love this man in this life.,Feedback her love for oneself。
that time,She humblely,Even the fate of various twists and turns,She will always insist。
She is so hard to persist,At the end,In exchange, it is his retreat and give up.。
Gu Yi Lin has a deep breath,Big hands gently touched her stomach,Laugh:“Jiaqi,Looking at our baby,You forgive me.,I want to accompany you and your baby.,do not worry,after,I will never make a sad thing.。”
Before it was a mother who used Jiaqi’s home to threaten him.,That is the only source of life of Jiaqi.,He only gives up,But now there is no one to block their roads.,He finally guards her.。
Shen Jiaqi listened to this,There is a feeling of happiness and infiltration,Her eyes are tears,“Gu Yi Lin,No matter what you encounter,Will you give up me again??”
She is afraid that their love can’t afford to test,She is afraid that she will die once.。
NS876chapter:Has your heart hurt?
Gu Yi Lin took a nodded,Tough in the tone:“Jiaqi,Although I said that these words are excuses,But I still want to explain,I didn’t have my mother’s threat.,I will never give up you.,after,No matter what you encounter,I will never give up you and your child.。
Jiaqi,You are believed in me,Ok??”
then,Give up her,He is also very painful,regretfully,But he never filial parents,For mom’s choices,He can only suffer silently。
He also hopes that over time,Mom will make some change,He can re-get Jiaqi。
Until the appearance of Xiao Yi,I have seen so many experiences.,Mom gradually understands some truth。
Let him reach Jiaqi。
Shen Jiaqi moved slightly,Low her eyebrows,Hearts with tears,Even if he is very filial,Because I am afraid that my mother is sad and give up yourself.,Obviously, he is really sincere.,But the bottom is still giving up this matter to give it.。
Shen Jiaqi bowed his stomach,Then like this,Child in the belly,Indirect left and right decisions,Children must have a complete home。