Oh,I also have a Three Kingdoms Kill Card Game,Mainly cover schools and entertainment venues,Can also be used as a promotion channel for game movies,Currently monthly sales are in the million level,Exported to Japan and South Korea,Also available on Hong Kong Island。I can also put advertisements for game movies in the card。

of course,These are just the early stage,The resources I currently have,Wait until the movie is finished,This《Blood legend》User volume and reputation of the game,Must reach an unprecedented level。Make it harder,No matter what the film is made,Can make money,Make big money!”
Lu Menglin said with certainty,Full of confidence in the tone。
This remark,Yang Shoucheng’s eyes widened,Speechless for a while。
Director Yang next to him,It’s more like listening to the heavenly scriptures,He never thought that movies could be played like this?
I thought this kid came to see the King Eagle,Is to use the brand influence of Eagle King,And theater resources,Now it seems,People don’t care about these at all,Didn’t even mention it。
“This is my general idea,If you want to use a concept to package,Then it can be called bigIP,《Blood legend》This powerfulIP,The box office results have been doomed in advance。Do you have any questions?”
Yang Shoucheng stared at each other blankly,With his business mind,Naturally it is not difficult to judge,If what this kid said is true,Then this movie is really as the other party said,No matter what it looks like,Will make a lot of money!
“What you said is true?”Yang Shoucheng couldn’t help but believable。
Lu Menglin shrugged,Super confident smile:“of course!I’m looking for the King Eagle,I hope to do the best in this must-profit movie。After all, there are tens of millions of loyal players as a fan base,It’s hard to lose money in this movie。
correct,I also forgot to mention the biggest channel,Is the game itself!During the preheating period,Embed movie promotional content in the game,Call on players to contribute to the box office,At that time, there will be a lottery in the game,Extract the best equipment,Everyone has a chance。”Lu Menglin thought for a while,Said。
“Little bell,Write this down for me,I will send it to the game team。”Lu Menglin turned his head and smiled。
This remark,I just stunned Yang Shoucheng,for him,It’s simply opened a brand new door。
Especially that bigIPthe concept of,Shocked him,I have smelled a strong possibility。