Behind Liaoning’s food acres

  On December 6, 2021 national food production "transcript" was released.As a grain producing province, our province has been refreshed with the history of the total grain output, and the status of the national food producing province is further consolidated.Look at this "transcript", there is a number attractive: 955 pounds in our province, ranking third in the country, ranking first in the NPM, compared to 71 pounds in the last year,The increased amount and growth are ranked first in the country.The mu is 955 pounds, what can I take 3 national first?Behind it is a complete set of "combined punches" to support.

The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Agricultural Rural Rural Department said that the province has firmly grasped two key to cultivated land and seeds, deeply grasping the law of food safety, continuously refining, strengthens the food security strategy, and won the initiative of food harvest.

  Tibetan grain – "Wang Tiantian" became "Feng Yingtian" "This year’s corn mu is 1800 pounds, an increase of 180 catties to 200 pounds per acre, thanks to the implementation of protective farming technology!" In Tieling City Li Zhonghua, the chairman of the old town of Changtu County, and Yang Yu Agricultural Machinery Service Professional Cooperative, Li Zhonghua, said that those plots, or those types, the main cause of increased production is due to the improvement of the level of the earth. Agriculture, soil.

Especially the field, how much output is related to the nourishment of black land.

  In order to ensure "good grain", our province actively promotes the strategy of Tibetan grains, and formulates "black land protection implementation plan", implementing 1.1 million mu of construction in black land protection demonstration zone, in 17 typical black soil regional key counties Implementing a total of 2.8 million mu of organic fertilizer, comprehensively uses agronomic, agricultural machinery, and biological measures, demonstration promotion of black land protection utilization comprehensive governance technology model, effectively improving the quality of black land. Improve agricultural anti-risk capabilities, new "Tian Chengfang,, Road Tongtong, Dry" Production area, priority to the "two districts", breed fields, typical black soil areas and permanent basic farmland to carry out high standard farmland construction, and consolidate the basis of high-yielding food production in grain production.

At the same time, the implementation of 8.5 million mu of protective cultivation, 4.8 million mu of agricultural machinery deep, encourages to guide producers, especially new operating subjects to adopt straw returning to returning, increased organic fertilizer, deeply reunion, etc. The quality of cultivated land and enhance the capacity of agriculture sustainable development.

  Our province also actively carried out a pilot of cultivated land, focusing on pocowl, miscellaneous grain, soybean and corn, peanuts, etc. Tibetan food in technology – "physical activity" into "technical activation" technology, is profoundly changing the production method of agriculture. "This year, I chose 200 mu of land planting ‘Liao Li 168’ this rice variety, and the experts of the Provincial Agricultural Sciences conducted technical guidance in critical nodes, ensuring 200 pounds per acre.

"The new model of" Tasting "in the Huangqibebin Village, Panjiabao Town, Liaozhong District, Shenyang City, tasted the" big sweet ".

  Walking in the land of the land, "锄" "镰" "Take the day to eat" gradually became history, more and more new farmers used a good technology and raised high-yield fields. Our province actively carried out food green high quality and efficient action, surrounding rice, corn, potato, concentrated power, agglomeration resources, breakthrough in key technical bottlenecks, integrated assembly demonstration promotion regional, standardized technology model, promoting large-area balanced production increase .

There is a good base condition, and the county of the production potential is to carry out a demonstration, implement 8 green high-quality and high-efficiency action counties in the country, and the radiation has boosted the level of food production in the surrounding area.

The province’s soil-based formula fertilization technology has been stable in more than 6 million mu, and the main push technology is more than 95%.

  Around the food stabilized production target, organize the main food crops in a variety of joint research, accelerate the cultivation of high-yield high efficiency, green high quality, anti-disease, anti-insect resistance, water-saving festival, and suitable for the new varieties of good feeding, play a good growth rate. Since this year, 312 new varieties such as corn and rice have been approved, 88 excellent varieties have been selected, and 44 major push technologies such as rice matrix seedlings are selected. The main crop-coverage rate of the province has reached 100%. Technology "Filled" granary, our "food bag" firmly caught in his own hands. Do excellent service – "Small farmers" integrate into the "Industrial Chain" This year, there is also a bright color on the food production transcript in our province. That is, the province has produced national% food, which is fully explained again. The fundamental way to increase the production of food production is still to increase production, and it is necessary to benefit.

  The relevant person in charge of the provincial agricultural rural residential department said, in addition to "Tibetan Full", "Tibetan Food Bead", our province has also promoted the whole process of food production, accelerating the promotion of grain production, and the small farmers who operated a one-family scattered. "Chain" to the modern agricultural production chain, better role in scale. "Under the land, the sickle is laid off, and our farmers can also take the treasurer.

"Li Zhonghua said with his own experience, thousands of acres of land operated at home, taking full mechanical way, cultivating time and effort, increased production. This year, our province has carefully organized spring plowing," three summer "" three autumn "and other important agriculture Seasonal machinery operation, use informationization to strengthen agricultural machinery production scheduling management, promote the full mechanicalization of food production, safeguard the machine, the military, and the opportunity to carry out.

Focusing on rice mechanized harvest, corn grain mechanization harvest, etc. Accelerate the promotion of grain production management services, our province is mainly based on food crops, supplemented with oil crops, explores the whole village (group), whole block, full-circle managed business model, and protective farming, agricultural machinery deep and other agricultural machinery The operation project is continued to improve the service capabilities of the full range of food crops, attract more small farmers to participate in the production hosted, and promote the production of managed services. Liaoning, the black land is getting better, and the gold and flat should be more featful.

(Reporter Lee Yue) +1.