Beijing Stock Exchange opened the first batch of listed companies in the city next Monday, over 80

  Next Monday, November 15th, the Beijiao Office opened the time, finalized! On November 10th, the national stock company official website shows that Hanxin Technology, medium-sized consultation, Zhongyuan Shares, crystal game technology, account self-control, concentric transmission, earth electricity, Zhisheng information, Guangxao High-tech, Henghe Shares 10 The company issued an announcement that it will be listed on November 15th by the Beijing Stock Exchange.

  At the same time, 71 of the existing selection of layers will be overall to the North Exchange at the time of opening. The first batch of listed companies in Beijiao will reach 81. The public information shows that the total market value of 71 companies in the selected layer of the selected layer is 275.3 billion yuan, and the circulation market value is 108.9 billion yuan. Among them, Betti has the highest market value, reaching 88.3 billion yuan; Even the city is controlled, 25.3 billion yuan; Jilin carbon valve is third, 14.3 billion yuan. The frozen funds are more about to open the city, then the stocks listed on the North Exchange have new, transactions, including how to choose stocks, what are the differences between the B & C and GEM? First of all, from the new perspective, the GEM, and Kechuang board are the way of collecting market-value placing, that is, must hold a certain stock market value before the start of the new. The higher the market value of the stock, the higher the lack rate. The North Exchange does not need, as long as there is enough funds in the account, you can participate in the purchase of new shares.

  Now the GEM, Book-making boards are placed according to the stock market value in the account, and then freeze the corresponding funds after the new success. For ordinary investors, general signing is 1 hand, and the amount of frozen funds is not large.

However, the Beijiao office requires frozen funds in advance, such as 1 million to play new, then this 1 million must freeze, but the actual sign may only be only 10,000 yuan.

Then, 10,000 yuan will be scratched, and the remaining 99 million is thawed.

It is expected that funds will only freeze 1 to 2 trading days. Overall, if you want to make more new shares, there is a lot of funds that need to be frozen.

  GEM, Komantry board is new, generally, the ingredients with luck are in it.

However, the Northern Exchange is a principle of premium in proportion, time priority.

  The initial 5 trading day is smaller than that Kok & Chow perspective from the transaction rules. The stock of the North Exchange is also different from the stock of the Baochuang and GEM.

  The restriction of the decline in omnifice and GEM stocks will remain consistent, and the proportion of rising decline is 20%, and the top 5 trading days after the stock will be limited to price rising decline. Considering the characteristics of SME stock valuation, in order to effectively promote prices, the ratio of North Exchange’s bidding transactions rising decline is 30% of the front closing price. This means that the top 5 trading days after the listing, the stock volatility of the Beijiao office is smaller than the Bang and Child and GEM, but then its fluctuation is greater than the latter.

  According to the "Beijing Stock Exchange Trading Rules (Trial)", the first day of the new shares listed on the first day of the new shares did not set up the decline, but the stock price increased or fell more than 30% lower than the day, 60%, 60% %, Temporary suspension for 10 minutes.

  It is important to note that the selected layer listing is translated into a listed company of Beijiao, and the stock exchange is implemented by 30% of its stock transactions.

  Sun Jinhao, a Assistant and Institute of Open Source Securities, said that although the first batch of listed companies is slightly smaller than that of the Boardo board and the GEM company, it is basically similar to the profitability and the Banguang and GEM. From the gross profit margin, the first batch of listed companies 2020, the average value is%, slightly lower than the% of the KBM, which is higher than the GEM.

From the net interest rate, the first batch of listed companies have average net interest rate in 2020, close to the% of the creative board, lower than the GEM. In terms of Roe, the first batch of listed companies in the North Exchange 2020 ROE average is%, higher than the% of Kibokan, lower than the GEM.

  The number of new three board companies is large, and the texture differentiation is also large.

In Sun Jinyi, the current research is relatively weak for the research of Beijiao and New Triars, except for the basic lack of research and coverage.

  For the investment of small and medium-sized stocks, Sun Jinhao said that the essence of small and medium-sized stocks is the use of strategic thinking, that is, from many listed stocks to find a suitable label, frame a stock pool, and then select a stock according to the company’s research and industry research framework. .

"The task of small and medium market value is how to find the target worth studying in massive companies." Tomorrow, open the city customs clearance test November 11th, the Beijing Stock Exchange official website issued a notice of the official website of the Beijing Stock Exchange, will be carried out on November 13th . The participating institution is the national stock company, the Beijiao, China settlement, Shenzhen, the Securities Index, Mini Securities, Information Business, Fund Company. The test time is November 13.

  It is understood that all scenarios of this open customs clearance test take effect on the business scenarios take effect on November 15th (Monday). The participating mechanism should focus on the following scenarios: The frequency of the North Exchange market update is 3 seconds. The "selection layer" is no longer displayed in the securities hierarchical announcement, and the level of the Beijiao listed company is displayed as "Beijiao". The listing of the Beijiao Institute listed stocks (the status of the securities is N starting) does not set up a decline, triggering a temporary suspension situation, the Beijiao office issued a temporary suspension announcement; the original select layer translation stock rising decline restrictions remain 30% unchanged .

The preliminary report of the Beijiao Institute can trader the stock of the Beijiao Institute. The surrounding system of securities company, the information business market system function meets technical specifications.

The national stock system base layer, innovative layer stock trading, normal market. (Reporter Liu Shenliang) Original title: Beijing Stock Exchange will not set up a price of the first batch of listed companies in the first batch of listed companies in the next week.