“Hi!What can i do?move!This place is not safe,You haven’t seen anyone for a long time”Xia Jian said,Take the lead in striding forward。

Slowly light on both sides of the road,They saw someone passing by。Jia Lina, who was following Xia Jian, suddenly cried out:“Xia Hao!You are hurt?”
Xia Jianyi listen,Then he raised his right arm and took a look,My boy,Right arm,A long cut was cut,The blood has wetted the sleeves,No wonder it hurts so much,Xia Jian thought he ran into something,I was injured。It seems that the reason is that I was too nervous just now。
“fast!I took it to Teng County People’s Hospital”Jia Lina said loudly。
Xia Jian moved his arm,Think it’s okay,He laughed and said:“Nothing,Just find a small clinic to bandage,Why go to the county hospital,trouble”
His voice just fell,I saw on the side of the street,There is a big name called Lao People Clinic on the side of the road。
“No way,You don’t want to spend,Let’s go to the county hospital!This kind of place is not handled well“Jia Lina follows Xia Jian,Still working hard to mobilize him。
But Xia Jian has already got in,There is a little nurse giving needles to several patients,She saw the injury on Xia Jian’s arm,Asked surprised:“How hurt so badly?“
“Accidentally hung up,Hurry up and bandage me”Xia Jian said,Sat on the bench in the clinic。
The little nurse hurriedly put down her work,Chao Xiajian shouted:“You come with me,So much blood,It will cause problems if you don’t deal with it”
Xia Jian followed the little nurse into the room,Have a forty years old,Middle-aged man in a white coat,Reading a book leisurely。The little nurse said in a panic:“Doctor Chen,You show him quickly!His arm is unclear”
Doctor Chen glanced at Xia Jian slowly,Motioned to Xia Jian to sit on the chair opposite him,Then I picked up his clothes with tweezers,Roll up slowly。
A wound three or four inches long was turned over to both sides,Revealing Bai Sensen’s flesh,The blood kept flowing from the wound,Looks terrifying。
“Are you hurt by the fight??”Doctor Chen suddenly asked such a sentence。
Jia Lina who was standing next to Xia Jian shouted in a hurry:“Can you cure it first?Does it matter to you??”
“Yes!How not,If it was hurt by a fight,I will call the police immediately,Let the police come,This is the rule,Why are you not convinced?”Doctor Chen suddenly became tough,The slow look just now disappeared in an instant。