And at this moment,Lu Menglin made a move that surprised everyone。

He didn’t pass the ball,But raise the ball above your head,Left five fingers holding the ball,The right hand just gently supports one side of the basketball,Cast the basketball steadily。
This shot,Shocked the audience。
Whether it’s five tigers,Still have,All stunned。
None of them thought of,Lu Menglin would actually choose to shoot by himself。
In fact,Throughout the first half,Lu Menglin is basically only responsible for rebounding,No pitch。
Does he have lost faith in his companions,Want to attack by yourself?
“Backboard,Grab a rebound!”Chen Guanfeng suddenly roared,Tight body,Post He Jin even more dead。
Center Jiang Xiang was also ready to get up and grab a rebound.,Keep your eyes on the basketball flying in midair。
In the common judgment of all,Lu Menglin is a general rebounder,He went to shoot offense,So high school(One)Who will grab the rebounds for class??This is almost like being given up。
Huh!Basketball hits the net,The audience suddenly became deadly silent。
Everyone can’t believe their eyes,Turns out there is no need to grab rebounds,This goal actually scored!
Actually got in?Chen Guanfeng and Chen Jiannan couldn’t believe their eyes。
“accident,Must be an accident!”