Base! Energy "National Team" in action

  Keeping oil, ventilation, booade, power saving, "full of fire" … guarantee! Energy "National Team" in action reading tips face the complex situation of this winter, spring insurance and multi-epidemic, and various energy central enterprises shoulder energy to ensure the "main army" mission, and they have taken action, "full of fire," continuous "Top pillars" "top" role, strive to hand over "warm answers" that makes people satisfied.

  Keeping oil, ventilation, booade, and polls …

  Epidemic prevention, preservation, two incorrectly, there are many epidemic from the country, and the epidemic in Dalian area has brought a large challenge. In the face of the severe and complex epidemic prevention situation and a very difficult energy insurance for the task, China Datang Liaoning Branch adheres to the epidemic prevention and control and energy guarantee for both hands, two hands hard, and continuously use the "top" root of the top, "top", Continue to shoulder good energy to protect the "main army" mission. In the face of the epidemic situation in Liaoning, China Datang Liaoning Branch New Energy Division will act quickly, and immediately deploy, fully upgrade the epidemic control measures, and fully start the epidemic prevention and control and preventive and attack war and energy security offensive. Various wind farms strictly grasp the mobile tracking management, the first time to check the trajectory of the staff, strictly enters the factory to enter the factory, perform the prevention and control measures such as the test code temperature, information registration, and the employee canteen implementation batch, match Epidemic prevention materials and employee production and life must have material, strengthen office and living area disinfection.

Dalian regional wind farm actively responded to the prevention and control requirements of government departments, and took the initiative to participate in the 3-wheeled nucleic acid detection of local governments, strictly implement measures such as masks, handwrapples, often cleaned, measured temperatures.

Each wind farm enhances equipment operation monitoring, and makes an accident expectations in advance, and increases important equipment inspection inspection, fully grasping system equipment inspection status, strengthening equipment inspection and fan repair work, and ensures zero defective wind farm. The party branches of Jinzhou Electric Power Company have established the party members’ commando to give full play to the exemplary role of party members, the equipment grid, responsibilities, and strengthen the inspection and frequency of key regional equipment, the first time handled relevant issues, and eliminate safety hazards In the germination state.

Scientifically arranged the operation of the unit, carefully optimized the operation, strictly control the unit parameters, strengthen the abnormal analysis, and ensure the safety and stable operation of the unit, and built the "copper wall iron wall" of the confession.

  According to reports, China Datang Group Co., Ltd. ensures that all units should open, and there are more issues. As of November 14, 55 hot source plants in China, 14 enthusiasm have been tied; accumulating the power generation billion kilowatt, increased in a year-on-year.

  Through the ice and snow, the Sena ", the LNG (LNG) sent by each car (liquefied natural gas), in our opinion, not only for our resource, but also carrying the deep oil people to us.

"On November 17th, Zhonghai Yantong Group Hebei Sales Branch received a thank you letter from Saihanba. Saihanba is located in the north of Yuechang County, Chengde City, Hebei Province, is the transition zone of Inner Mongolia Plateau and North China Plain.

After the construction of Saihanba three generations, the total field has formed a small town of starting.

However, there is no pipeline supply, and the resident still uses the firewood and coal heating. In the residential hospital, the house is full of branch cabinets for four weeks, there is a big safety hazard. Local Tiefan Technology has a franchise right of Saihanba mechanical forest farm, which lays a natural gas pipeline in the forest.

Hebei Sales Corporation began supplying Tiestite Technology in 2020 to let the residents of Sahanba mechanical forests use natural gas. Since the winter, the resources have been shortaged, and the temperature of Saihanba has already entered zero. After receiving the Notice of Sahanba Snow Forecast, Hebei Sales Company employees took into account the use of large snow weather, and they communicated with multiple customers and fully guarantee the supply of resources, and complement the machine of the mechanical forest farm. On the second day of the amount of complement, the temperature dropped to less 30 degrees Celsius, and Saihanba ushered in this year’s first flying snow. The Sahanba National Ice Project Training Center was prepared for 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics exclusive training venue, and the venue tried in October 2020. As the Hebei Sales Branch of Hebei Tiestone Company, the Sales Branch of Hebei Tiestone is actively raised resources, and it is fully equipped with 30,000 meters of the ice training center, thus ensuring the constant temperature and constant humidity of the training center, providing professional training for athletes. environment. It is understood that "Warm Answers" is understood, November 16th, the National Development Investment Group Co., Ltd. fire motor combination time generates 100 million kilowatts, year-on-year increase%; the annual accumulated power generation billion kilowatt, year-on-year growth%, Budget completion rate. As of November 16, the National Swage Group has been transferred to the coal 10,000 tons, which increased by the year, and the cumulative callouts were transferred from the coal ton. The year-on-year increased%; the top-water terminal was transferred to the coal 10,000 tons, increased year-on-year, accumulated The coal tonna is transferred, and% increases. "Open the horsepower guarantee coal supply is our key task. While ensuring safe production, our main transportation, ventilation system is also accelerating transformation, gradually releasing production capacity." National Energy Group Wuhai Energy Wuli Mountain Wang Tiejun, the coal mine mine, said in the production work site.

  On November 1st to 16th, the national energy group has a total of 10,000 tons, an increase of 10,000 tons, an increase of 100 million kilowatts. Among them, the Northeast region has completed hundreds of kilowatts, increased by 15 %. The National Energy Group Northeast China Power Plant is 10,000 tons, which increases 10,000 tons from the end of last month.

  China Huadian has increased electric coal procurement, as of November 9, the company inventory can use 19 days. Among them, Heilongjiang area inventory can be used 28 days, and it will increase 420,000 tons from the beginning of the month; Liaoning inventory can be used 28 days, and it will increase by 220,000 tons as a month. As of November 9, the annual power generation increased year-on-year; where the coal power generation increased year-on-year. Since October, heated has increased year-on-year, and it should be opened.

  China’s petroleum winter is available in all directions, a group of winter insurance projects have been put into production, and accelerate the promotion of a series of natural gas preservation projects; China Petrochemical this winter spring natural gas is guaranteed to prepare for the preparation work, heating season plan The market supply natural gas is 27 billion cubic meters; from October 1 to November 9th, the national electricity investment in the country, the gas unit should be scheduled, and there are 34 sets of units, and the accumulated power generation billion kilowatts; China Huadene 130 In the case of coal price and electricity price, the thermoelectric company has realized the opening, should be opened, and the coal production increased year-on-year, and the nuclear increase of high quality production capacity of 19.3 million tons / year … (reporter Liu Jing).